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MICS Babliak's Academy

The evolution towards less invasive techniques to treat complex cardiac diseases has created an ongoing educational need amongst practicing surgeons. Observing and training in advanced techniques is a necessity and no longer a luxury for the practicing surgeon. Personally, we do 80% of all “open-heart” surgical procedures minimally invasively, including 99% of isolated multivessel CABG. We show step-by-step surgical aspects of complex MICS procedures.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to provide appropriate training and share our experience with the surgical society to optimize patient outcome and patient safety.


MICS BABLIAK’S ACADEMY is pleased to offer training platform for experienced cardiac surgeons who wish to expand their expertise in complex MICS procedures, including MICS CABG.


MICS BABLIAK’S ACADEMY will offer two separate modules. Each module will address the spectrum of skill levels and allow surgeons to begin training at their level of expertise.

  1. A course of 2-3 days “on site” in a hospital. This workshop will offer interactive discussions with experts in the field and demonstration by live surgery on how the technique can be applied. The course is held in the operating room. The module may also include a “hands-on” aspect.

  2. Clinical proctoring in the surgeon's centre. A visit of cardiac team from MICS BABLIAK’S ACADEMY to a local hospital for 2-3 days with the aim to set-up the "on-site" MICS program.


Watch videos, fill the form, take a course in MICS Babliak’s Academy and increase your surgical confidence!

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